Neopackaging / Blister Industry

Automatic Feeders

Aipacking -

Automatic universal feeder with rotating brushes and planetary stirrers that sweep products into the blister machine.


Main features:

  • Simple manufacturing, low cost, excellent efficiency and high performance.
  • All rotating parts are plug-in components. Easy cleaning, requires no auxiliary tool.
  • Configurations compatible with different models of blister machine.
  • Manufactured under GMP standards.


Planetary box and transversal brushes:

Includes planetaries and silicone made palettes.

The transversal main body brush bristles are made in Delrin®.

Geared motors are on the back side.


Pre-feeding hopper set with vibrator:

A sensor adjusts the quantity of product inside the feeder, sending a signal to switch on the vibrator.

The hopper is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The vibratory device has a perforated tray, which can be connected to a suction system.


Control Panel:

Assembled on the feeder, it includes the start button, speed settings and vibration adjustment.

Back Uses: