Neopackaging / Blister Industry


Our customer was looking for an equipment for lifting, transporting and feeding reels in an envelope filling machine, avoiding being handled with effort by the operator taking bad postures that could injure him.

We reviewed together different options and choose a double function elevator: stainless steel flat tray and "V" block with 360° rotation that can be used, not only for feeding the envelope filling machine, but for handling heavy tooling, shears and plastic boxes whith final products. This solution can also be used for diverse cylindrical objects with various ranges in nominal diameters.


Main advantages
• Allows the reel to be transported/handled from the pallet to the loading area, leaving the core of the coil free for the insertion of the machine shaft.
• Can be moved in narrow spaces, double swivel wheels help maneuverability.
• Allows the reel to be rotated without removing the tray or making effort.
• It is possible to raise and low the coil in a controlled way to locate the axis in the machine's axis holder.
• The lift is compact size, allowing it to be stored in a small space when not in use.
• Lifter built in stainless steel. "V" block made in high-density polyethylene (PEHD). All fully washable and designed for the pharmaceutical industry.
• The "V" block can be removed without  tools and the equipment is available with a flat stainless steel tray, useful for other tasks, such as transporting tooling from a table to a rack, or from the machine to the storage location.
• The tool (flat tray with "V" block) is interchangeable with a "quick anchor", making not necessary external fixing elements to change it for other types of tools for the manipulation of different objects commonly used within a pharmaceutical production process.


We represent HOVMAND, the firm founded in Denmark with more than 45 years of experience offering intelligent and personalized lifting and movement solutions, bringing its customers a safe and efficient product to be used in different industries.