Neopackaging / Blister Industry


We were invited by one of the most important laboratories manufacturer of throat lozenges. They had the requirement of automate even more the packaging process of the product.

Up to that moment, the feeding of NBM-100 Blister Machine was made manually and they were looking for an automatic feeder.

The great challenge was the product composition, as it is fragile and brittle, it can break and strip easily. That is why an automatic feeder that do not damage the lozenges during the process was a must.

We proposed our Aipacking AUF 226 for the first test. The machine is composed by a group of planetary stirrers that makes the inicial distribution of the tablets. Then, an intermediate transversal brush removes the excedent, two planetary stirrers place the lozenges into the alveolus and a final brush send back the tablets that have not suited into the alveolus. The feeder includes a hopper that works through a vibrator and a closed circuit, adding tablets on-demand to fill automatically the brushes´s and planetaries´s box.

During the tests, the machine not only could make a correct feeding without breaking lozenges, but also was 100% effective with an average speed of 30 strikes/min. This is an excellent performance considering it works as a complementary system and the features and needs of this type of product.

Another advantage of this development is that the customer reduced the persons needed by the area, staying just one to operate the machine and leaving the other staff member free for new tasks.

The customer is completely satisfied with the behaviour of the automatic feeder. Another successfull setup in which we worked together with the laboratory from the idea to the startup!